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Affiliate Programs Directory for Webmasters

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Affiliate Programs Directory for Webmasters is a searchable directory of Affiliate Programs and tools for webmasters. Organized by category, payment methods and availible promotional tools. With money making opportunity for webmasters.

Categories of affiliate programs

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All Straight [?]

Amateurs [?]
Amateurs - apprentice, beginner, dilettante, novice.

Anal [?]
Anal - anal love, arseplay, ass fuck, ass games, asshole, ass-way.

Asian [?]
Asian - Gaesha, Oriental ,Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai.

Babes [?]
Babes - centerfold, chicks, damsel, dolls, females.

Big Cocks [?]
Big Cocks - Monster Cocks, Aron's rod, baby-maker, bald-headed mouse

Black [?]
Black - ebony, chocolate, cocoa, darky

Boobs [?]
Boobs - apples, balloons, balugas, tits

Celebrity [?]
Celebrity - star

Cumshots [?]
Cumshots - The act of ejaculation

Glamour [?]

Group Sex [?]
Group Sex - orgy, cluster fuck, gang-bang

Handjob [?]
Handjob - wanking, to masturbate

Hardcore [?]
Hardcore - material shows penetration and/or ejaculation

Homemade [?]
Homemade - Amateur homemade porn videos and photos

Indian [?]
Homemade - sex with people of indian origin

Interracial [?]
Interracial - black and white, ebony and ivory, mixed race

Latina [?]
Latina - Cuban, Colombian, Mexican, Latin, Portuguese, Puerto Rican, South American, Spanish.

Lesbian [?]
Lesbian - female homosexual, femme, gay women, lesbo

Masturbation [?]
Masturbation - auto-eroticism, getting yourself off, playing with yourself, self-stimulation

Mature [?]
Mature - woman of full natural growth

Nonude [?]
Nonude - without nudity

Old with Young [?]

Oral Sex [?]
Oral Sex - 69, face fucking, blowjob, cunnilingus

Porn Stars [?]
Porn Stars - Stars of porn movies, magazines etc

Public Nudists [?]
Public Nudists - People who expose their sex organs to other people in public places

Single Model [?]
Single Model - Site of one girl

Softcore [?]
Softcore - erotic material without scenes of penetration and/or ejaculation

Teen [?]
Teen - young, 18+

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Partnership [?]
Partnership - money-making program paying a percent to webmasters for producing sales.

    50% 55% 60%
    65% 70% 75%
Per signup [?]
Per signup - money-making program paying a percent to webmasters for surfer's signup.

    15 $ 20 $ 25 $
    30 $ 35 $ 40 $
    45 $ 50 $
Per click [?]
Per click - money-making program paying fixed price for each surfer's click.

Email programs [?]
Email programs - promoting sponsor via opt-in email list (not spam).

Adult programs [?]
Adult programs - Affiliate programs for ADULTS (different age in different countries).

Dating services [?]
Dating services - money-making program paying for other people application forms about them (as a rule with photos and some private information).

Dialers [?]
Dialers - money-making program paying for making surfer's phone to dial specified phone number.

Webcam [?]
Webcam - Private cam sites that offer webcam video shows of real girls.

AVS systems [?]
AVS systems - Includes both AVS and AEN services. These sites offer access to a large network of sites (usually over 1,000 up to 100,000's) for one price. Tons content inside.

Adult Shop [?]
Adult DVD - place where surfer can buy or download porn DVD's or HD Video.

Software [?]
Software - money-making program paying for selling software. For example: antivirus, some useful programs for any deal and etc.

Games [?]
Games - Affiliate program offers different games/game portals.

Pay Per View [?]
Pay Per View - Sites that charge for only content surfer wants to see. There are no recuring charges.

Mobile Phones [?]
Mobile Phones - place where surfer can buy or sell mobile content: games, tones etc.

Select allDeselect allBillings
365 Billing [?]

ACHDEbit [?]
ACHDEbit -
All Customer Service and Billing Inquiries
Toll Free: 800-717-7476
Customer Service:
Cancel Membership:

CardsGate [?]
CardsGate -
CardsGate is an Internet Payment Service Provider (IPSP). specializes in billing for subscription based Websites, password management, fraud prevention, customer service, and innovative marketing and retention tools.
Sales Dept. 1-866-700-6546 (9am - 5pm GMT)
Technical Support
Financial Dept.
Cardsgate LLC 430 Route 70 West, Cherry Hill, New Jersey 08002-3583 USA.

CCBill [?]
CCBill -

Location: Tempe, AZ USA
Links: (to cancel a site membership)
Cancel Terms: To cancel recurring memberships, you must notify them 7 days (24 hrs for trials) prior to rebill date.

Accepts: Discover, JCB, Mastercard, Visa iBill

Charge2000 [?]
Charge2000 -
Phone: 888-215-9796 (U.S.), 626-585-1814 (Intl.)
Location: Germany Links: (to cancel a site membership)
Cancel Terms: To cancel recurring memberships, simply notify them anytime before your rebill date.
Accepts: Korean Debit, Mastercard, Visa

CommerceGate [?]
mEnable -
Currently available for more than 300 million mobile phone subscribers, mENABLE is the new secure and simple way to pay for Internet content.
Office: New York, USA (Toll Free)
Phone: +1 (1)8667 360022

Epoch [?]

GXBill [?]
GXBill -
1117 DESERT LANE #868
Toll free phone:(866) 703-1334
Outside the USA:(410) 753-4460
Toll free fax: (866) 4GXBILL
Outside the USA fax: (410) 296-5972
ICQ contact: 156335240

Icoopay [?]
Icoopay -
Payment via phone, 244 countries supported, Multilanguage support
Gladstonos 120-C2, Limassol, CY-3032, Cyprus
Tel: +35725341300
Fax: +35725342030

Jettis [?]
Jettis -
E-mail: Phone: 800-4-JETTIS (U.S.),
818-597-3280 (Intl.) Location: Agoura Hills, CA, USA
Links: (to cancel a site membership)
Cancel Terms: Cancellation notification policy varies from site to site.
Accepts: American Express, JCB, Mastercard, Visa

NetBilling [?]
NetBilling -
Netbilling has proven to be an outstanding partner for our business.
Their system is effective, fast, and easy to understand. We tried other payment gateways, but after switching to Netbilling, our revenues have sky rocketed and we've finally gained control over fraud. Two thumbs up!

Technical Support:
Call Toll Free within the USA: (888)357-8166
Outside the USA: (661)252-2456
Facsimile: (661)257-0914
Physical Address 25060 West Avenue Stanford #250
Valencia, CA 91355

Own billing [?]
Own billing - Affiliate program has its own billing.
Contact info should be on the processing page

Paycom [?]
Paycom -

Phone: 800-893-8871 (U.S.), 310-827-9939 (Intl.)
Location: Marina Del Rey, CA, USA
Links: (to cancel a site membership)
Cancel Terms: To cancel recurring memberships, you must notify them 7 days (24 hrs for trials) prior to rebill date.

Accepts: Discover, JCB, Mastercard, Visa

SegPay [?]
SegPay -
Mailing Address: UK: 16 South Gate Villas, St. James Lane, Winchester, England S0239SG
US: 2255 Glades Rd, Suite 200 E, Boca Raton, Florida, USA 33431
If you would like to find out more about SegPay, please email us at sales,
You can also telephone our sales department at

StandardPay [?]
StandardPay -
Phone: 1 800 499 8540 (U.S.), 0031(0)20 7940110 (Intl.)
Location: London, United Kingdom
Links: (to cancel a site membership)
Cancel Terms: To cancel recurring memberships, simply notify them anytime before your rebill date.
Accepts: American Express, Mastercard, Visa

Verotel [?]
Verotel -
email -
Phone: 877-647-1300 (U.S.), 31-20-3208833 (Intl.)
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Links: (to cancel a site membership)
Cancel Terms: To cancel recurring memberships, simply notify them anytime before your rebill date.

Accepts: JCB, Mastercard, Visa

VXSBill [?]
VXSBill - E-mail:
Phone: none (U.S.), +31 (0)251 - 362041 (Intl.)
Location: The Netherlands
Links: (to cancel a site membership)
Cancel Terms: Must give 2 days notice.
Accepts: Mastercard, Visa

WebComPay [?]

WTS [?]
Web Transaction Services, the most complete electronic commerce and customer service center on the Internet. We handle the transaction processing and customer service for some of the busiest websites on the Net.

Zombaio [?]

Select allDeselect allPayments
Capital Collect [?]
Capital Collect -

The company Capital Collect Services, Ltd acts as an agent in financial affairs of its customers. The company receives payments for the benefit of its clients on its settlement accounts offshore as well as in the U.S.A. through its U.S.A. affiliates or offshore, initiates payments on behalf of and on the instructions of its customers, who execute the written agreement with the abovementioned company.

Office address: Capital Collect Services, LLC
One Merrill Industrial Drive Hampton,
NH 03842-1942 USA

Phone: 203-683-7441
Fax: 270 913 6332

CashX [?]

CCBill payment [?]
CCBill -

Location: Tempe, AZ USA
Links: (to cancel a site membership)
Cancel Terms: To cancel recurring memberships, you must notify them 7 days (24 hrs for trials) prior to rebill date.


Check [?]
Check - Alternative to credit card payment.

Sites that allow you to pay via your checking account.

Direct Deposit [?]
Direct Deposit -

National Payment Corporation is the nation's largest independent provider of payroll distribution solutions for all sizes of businesses. In business since 1991, National Payment satisfies the payroll distribution needs of thousands of customers in most industries, and in every state.

Company Address:
National Payment Corporation
100 W. Kennedy Blvd. Suite 260
Tampa, FL 33602-5116


eCoin [?]

Egold [?]
Egold -
e-gold Ltd. Is a Nevis, West Indies company created to serve as the General Contractor responsible for performance of the e-gold Account User Agreement. e-gold under its charter is completely dissociated from the business risks relating to exchange. This clarity of roles further assures e gold's freedom from default risk and finality of settlement.

Phone: (Worldwide) +1 321-956-1200
FAX: (Worldwide) +1 321-951-0790

ePassporte [?]
ePassporte -

Created by expert e-commerce professionals, ePassporte has developed a revolutionary payment system that protects your identity and your cash while giving you Visa's worldwide recognition and acceptance.

ePayService [?]


FedEx [?]
FedEx -

FedEx provides access to a growing global marketplace through a network of supply chain, transportation, business and related information services.

Location: FedEx Corporation
942 South Shady Grove Road
Memphis, TN 38120

Fethard [?]
Fethard -

Fethard Finance provides state-of-the-art B2B financial services for Sponsorship Programs, Webmaster/Affiliates and Online Service Professionals worldwide!

Finex [?]
Finex -


Inteca [?]

IPayout [?]

Paxum [?]

Payoneer [?]

PayPal [?]
PayPal -

"PayPal is easier and more secure than sending a check or money order, and there's a third party to help ensure I'm not taken advantage of. I use PayPal to make as many payments as I can, from products from online retailers to paying my ISP's hosting fees. It's the security and ease-of-use that are key."

RUpay [?]
StormPay [?]
StormPay -

StormPay's system is very much like an online checking account. The account can be used to send or receive funds for online purchases or charity donations, etc. After funding their account, the customer has the ability to send funds to any recipient with an email address. Most "deposit" options are instant, allowing the customer to immediately make a payment for an online product, service, or subscription. Customers may deposit funds into their StormPay accounts via credit card, online check, or Money Orders.

Location: 1690 Golf Club Lane,
Clarksville, TN 37043

WebMoney [?]
WebMoney -

They are buying and selling E-Currencies

Phone: +73832922480,
ICQ: 228-893-085,

Western Union [?]
Western Union -

Western Union continues today to help consumers and businesses transfer money. Consumers can quickly and easily transfer money to more than 225,000 Western Union Agent locations in over 195 countries and territories worldwide - the largest network of its kind.

Customer Service
Western Union Financial Services, Inc.
13022 Hollenberg Drive
Bridgeton, MO 63044

Wire transfer [?]
Wire transfer - Usual telegraph transfer.

Bank is able to send money in any moment.

Wirex [?]

Select allDeselect allPromo tools
404 Ads [?]

Banners [?]
Banners - Image Ad to place on web site to promote something

Descriptions [?]
Descriptions - Text ads of websites or products you promote. Can be downloaded in members area.

Embedded Flash [?]

Exit Consoles [?]

FHG combo [?]
FHG combo - Free hosted gallery with movies and pictures at once.

FHG Flash [?]

FHG movies [?]
FHG movies - Free hosted galleries with movies

FHG pics [?]
FHG pics - Free hosted galleries with pictures

FHS movies [?]
FHS movies - Free hosted sites with movies

FHS pics [?]
FHS pics - Free hosted sites with pictures

Free hosting [?]
Free hosting - Hosting with no cost provided by sponsor.

Free Submitters [?]
Free Submitters - Special software for submiting free site to any Link Lists or galleries to TGP/MGP provided with no cost by sponsor.

Full Page Ads [?]

Geo targeting [?]
Geo targeting - Tools for sorting traffic by origin.

Hosted blog [?]
Hosted blog - Free hosted blogs. All you need is to send traffic on them.

Hosted Review Site [?]

Hosted TGP Site [?]

Hosted Tube Site [?]

Peel Ads [?]

Promo photo content [?]
Free pics content - Pictures for your promo actions. Can be downloaded in members area.

Promo video content [?]
Free movies content - Movies for your promo actions. Can be downloaded in members area.

Rotated Gallery Of the Day [?]
Gallery of the day - Special link to new gallery every day

Rotated Picture Of the Day [?]
Pic of the day - Special code you insert in your page to display new picture every day

Rotated Video Of the Day [?]
Video of the day - Special code you insert in your page to display new video screenshot every day

RSS Feed [?]
RSS Feed - use it to import into your adult blog.

Webmaster Referral [?]
Webmaster Referral - you get a percent (5-10%) from every sale of webmaster you have reffered.

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Affiliate Programs Top: Top Profit, Top Ratio, Top Rating

Top Profit Top Ratio Top Rating
1.  Serious Cash
2.  Brothers In Cash
3.  Serious Partners
4.  Haze Cash
5.  Tony Bucks
6.  Top Bucks
7.  21sextury Cash
8.  Serious Coin
9.  Idol Bucks
10.  Pay Serve
1.  Reality Cash1/102
2.  Serious Cash1/179
3.  Tony Bucks1/203
4.  Sapphic Cash1/224
5.  Orgy Cash1/252
6.  Diesel Action1/283
7.  XXX Cum Cash1/296
8.  Fucking Cash1/313
9.  Adult Art Network1/316
10.  Adult Master Cash1/339
1.  Nubiles97.78%
2.  Adult Art Network94.55%
3.  Fetish Dollars92.31%
4.  Silver Cash91.52%
5.  Bonobo Cash91.43%
6.  Royal Cash90.73%
7.  Top Bucks90%
8.  Another Partnership89.47%
9.  Fucking Cash89.29%
10.  Serious Coin88.97%

Latest updates

December 12 2019 02:00 
New sponsor Apollo Cash has been added
New sponsor La Playa Cash has been added
New paysite best Hentai Games has been added
New paysite Bimbo Story Club has been added
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Latest affiliate programs news

 October 04, 2013 General
JTCash  JTCash Review

Attention: JTCash's Affiliate Closure
We have made the difficult decision to end the JTCash Affiliate Program. Unfortunately, after many months of analysis, we had to make a tough decision to retire this product.
If you are promoting JTCash, please discontinue the use of any links or banners as soon as possible.
For more information please contact us via email.
Thank you for being our partners.
Sincerely, JTCash Team
 May 21, 2013 General
Butterfly Bucks  ButterflyBucks Review ButterflyBucks Pictures Movies Promo

All sites have updated mobile ready tours. Send your mobile traffic and they will automatically see the new tours!
 March 19, 2013 General
FatPays  FatPays Review FatPays Pictures Movies Promo
Plump Mature  FatPays Review FatPays Pictures Movies Promo

Redesigned site PlumpMature, $100 PPS bonus action and lots of new promo!
We have very important news for your:
- We redesigned our site PlumpMature!
- We start the Bonus action: make at least one sale on this site (including trial sale!) and get a $100 bonus on March, 21 and March, 24
 February 05, 2013 General
Cash Forge  CashForge Review CashForge Pictures Movies Promo

Cashforge is changing! During the last year we changed Giantess Club and BE Story Club design and we launched Bimbo Story Club. Now's the turn of Cashforge. While we update the Cashforge features (it will take some time because we want the websites working faster and better) we decided to open a blog to offer a more visual and flexible alternative to the current news option of our website.
 December 18, 2012 General
Bonobo Cash  BonoboCash Review BonoboCash Pictures Movies Promo
Squirtz  Bonobo Cash Review BonoboCash Pictures Movies Promo

Sacha West on Squirtz
At first, when Sacha West told us he was working repairing computers and we saw the glasses and we could see how skinny he was, we thought for sure this boy is one of those nerdy types who stays in his room on his computer all day. But when he started to tell us about his sex life, it was clear that Sacha was not the type to just stay at home and wish he had a sex life. He goes out and gets it. And then when he started to take his clothes off, yes there was no ... BonoboCash News

List of adult webmaster sponsors and affiliate programs

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21sextury Cash (48) 21sexturyCash Review 21sexturyCash News 21sexturyCash Pictures Movies Promo
247 Media Group (12) 247MediaGroup Review 247MediaGroup News 247MediaGroup Pictures Movies Promo
3d Certified Affiliates (1) 3dCertifiedAffiliates Review 3dCertifiedAffiliates News
3D X Bucks (8) 3DXBucks Review 3DXBucks News
Actual Cash (6) ActualCash Review ActualCash News ActualCash Pictures Movies Promo
Adult Art Network (12) AdultArtNetwork Review AdultArtNetwork News AdultArtNetwork Pictures Movies Promo
Adult Empire (4) AdultEmpire Review AdultEmpire News AdultEmpire Pictures Movies Promo
Adult Master Cash (14) AdultMasterCash Review AdultMasterCash News AdultMasterCash Pictures Movies Promo
Adult Webmaster Empire (6) AdultWebmasterEmpire Review AdultWebmasterEmpire News AdultWebmasterEmpire Pictures Movies Promo
Adult4D Program (1) Adult4DProgram Review
Advanced Bucks (1) AdvancedBucks Review AdvancedBucks News AdvancedBucks Pictures Movies Promo
AG Cash (3) AGCash Review AGCash News AGCash Pictures Movies Promo
Alp Cash (0) AlpCash Review AlpCash News
Ama Kings (3) AmaKings Review AmaKings News AmaKings Pictures Movies Promo
Anilos Cash (1) AnilosCash Review AnilosCash News AnilosCash Pictures Movies Promo
Another Partnership (2) AnotherPartnership Review AnotherPartnership News AnotherPartnership Pictures Movies Promo
Apollo Cash (0) ApolloCash Review
Asian Money Machine (3) AsianMoneyMachine Review AsianMoneyMachine News AsianMoneyMachine Pictures Movies Promo
AV Revenue (4) AVRevenue Review AVRevenue News AVRevenue Pictures Movies Promo
Bad Boys Cash (8) BadBoysCash Review BadBoysCash News BadBoysCash Pictures Movies Promo
BaDoink Cash (3) BaDoinkCash Review BaDoinkCash News BaDoinkCash Pictures Movies Promo
Bangbros Online (30) BangbrosOnline Review BangbrosOnline News BangbrosOnline Pictures Movies Promo
bCash 4 You (9) bCash4You Review bCash4You News
Big ZZZ (4) BigZZZ Review BigZZZ News BigZZZ Pictures Movies Promo
Bird Bucks (7) BirdBucks Review BirdBucks News BirdBucks Pictures Movies Promo
Black Scapolite (10) BlackScapolite Review BlackScapolite News BlackScapolite Pictures Movies Promo
BlockBooster Cash (31) BlockBoosterCash Review BlockBoosterCash News BlockBoosterCash Pictures Movies Promo
Blue Loot (1) BlueLoot Review BlueLoot News BlueLoot Pictures Movies Promo
Bom Bucks (2) BomBucks Review BomBucks Pictures Movies Promo
Bondage Bank (4) BondageBank Review BondageBank News BondageBank Pictures Movies Promo
Bonobo Cash (2) BonoboCash Review BonoboCash News BonoboCash Pictures Movies Promo
Boob Lord (4) BoobLord Review BoobLord News BoobLord Pictures Movies Promo
Brain Cash (46) BrainCash Review BrainCash News BrainCash Pictures Movies Promo
Brothers In Cash (17) BrothersInCash Review BrothersInCash News BrothersInCash Pictures Movies Promo
Brutal Bucks (2) BrutalBucks Review BrutalBucks News BrutalBucks Pictures Movies Promo
Bucks Matrix (22) BucksMatrix Review BucksMatrix News BucksMatrix Pictures Movies Promo
Butterfly Bucks (2) ButterflyBucks Review ButterflyBucks News ButterflyBucks Pictures Movies Promo
Cartoon Valley Cash (4) CartoonValleyCash Review CartoonValleyCash News CartoonValleyCash Pictures Movies Promo
Cash Core (10) CashCore Review CashCore News CashCore Pictures Movies Promo
Cash Forge (4) CashForge Review CashForge News CashForge Pictures Movies Promo
CastorCash (1) CastorCash Review CastorCash Pictures Movies Promo
Catchy Cash (10) CatchyCash Review CatchyCash News CatchyCash Pictures Movies Promo
Cathy Cash (6) CathyCash Review CathyCash News CathyCash Pictures Movies Promo
Classy Bucks (2) ClassyBucks Review ClassyBucks News ClassyBucks Pictures Movies Promo
Crazy XXX Cash (0) CrazyXXXCash Review CrazyXXXCash News CrazyXXXCash Pictures Movies Promo
CuriousCash (9) CuriousCash Review CuriousCash News CuriousCash Pictures Movies Promo
DDF Cash (11) DDFCash Review DDFCash News DDFCash Pictures Movies Promo
Deluxe Coin (2) DeluxeCoin Review DeluxeCoin News DeluxeCoin Pictures Movies Promo
DesiPapa Program (0) DesiPapaProgram Review DesiPapaProgram News
Diesel Action (12) DieselAction Review DieselAction News DieselAction Pictures Movies Promo
DogFart (13) DogFart Review DogFart News DogFart Pictures Movies Promo
DoggyBoys Cash (3) DoggyBoysCash Review DoggyBoysCash News DoggyBoysCash Pictures Movies Promo
Drawn Cash (15) DrawnCash Review DrawnCash News DrawnCash Pictures Movies Promo
Dream Cash (2) DreamCash Review DreamCash Pictures Movies Promo
Dutch Teen Cash (5) DutchTeenCash Review DutchTeenCash News DutchTeenCash Pictures Movies Promo
Elite Profit (4) EliteProfit Review EliteProfit News EliteProfit Pictures Movies Promo
Engine Cash (5) EngineCash Review EngineCash News EngineCash Pictures Movies Promo
Everest Cash (13) EverestCash Review EverestCash News EverestCash Pictures Movies Promo
Fair Bucks (5) FairBucks Review FairBucks News FairBucks Pictures Movies Promo
FatPays (16) FatPays Review FatPays News FatPays Pictures Movies Promo
Ferro Cash (56) FerroCash Review FerroCash News FerroCash Pictures Movies Promo
Fetish Affiliates (25) FetishAffiliates Review FetishAffiliates News FetishAffiliates Pictures Movies Promo
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Fetish Hits (92) FetishHits Review FetishHits News FetishHits Pictures Movies Promo
Fetish Wealth (38) FetishWealth Review FetishWealth News FetishWealth Pictures Movies Promo
FTV Cash (8) FTVCash Review FTVCash News FTVCash Pictures Movies Promo
Fucking Cash (12) FuckingCash Review FuckingCash News FuckingCash Pictures Movies Promo
Fury Cash (9) FuryCash Review FuryCash Pictures Movies Promo
Get Right Cash (58) GetRightCash Review GetRightCash News GetRightCash Pictures Movies Promo
Ghost Cash (5) GhostCash Review GhostCash News GhostCash Pictures Movies Promo
Glam Revenue (3) GlamRevenue Review GlamRevenue News GlamRevenue Pictures Movies Promo
Gunz Blazing (26) GunzBlazing Review GunzBlazing News GunzBlazing Pictures Movies Promo
Haze Cash (11) HazeCash Review HazeCash News HazeCash Pictures Movies Promo
Hentai Biz (9) HentaiBiz Review HentaiBiz News HentaiBiz Pictures Movies Promo
High Def Riches (12) HighDefRiches Review HighDefRiches Pictures Movies Promo
Huge Traffic (4) HugeTraffic Review HugeTraffic News HugeTraffic Pictures Movies Promo
Hunters Cash (3) HuntersCash Review HuntersCash News HuntersCash Pictures Movies Promo
Idol Bucks (20) IdolBucks Review IdolBucks News IdolBucks Pictures Movies Promo
JuggCash (18) JuggCash Review JuggCash News JuggCash Pictures Movies Promo
Just Nude Program (1) JustNudeProgram Review JustNudeProgram News JustNudeProgram Pictures Movies Promo
Kennys Pennies (11) KennysPennies Review KennysPennies News KennysPennies Pictures Movies Promo
Kinky Dollars (20) KinkyDollars Review KinkyDollars News KinkyDollars Pictures Movies Promo
La Playa Cash (4) LaPlayaCash Review LaPlayaCash News
LauraLovesKatrina AP (1) LauraLovesKatrinaAP Review LauraLovesKatrinaAP Pictures Movies Promo
Light Speed Cash (37) LightSpeedCash Review LightSpeedCash News LightSpeedCash Pictures Movies Promo
Loaded Cash (1) LoadedCash Review LoadedCash News
Long Bucks (31) LongBucks Review LongBucks News LongBucks Pictures Movies Promo
Mac Dollars (2) MacDollars Review MacDollars News MacDollars Pictures Movies Promo
Manica Money (1) ManicaMoney Review ManicaMoney News ManicaMoney Pictures Movies Promo
MC Nudes Programs (1) MCNudesPrograms Review MCNudesPrograms News MCNudesPrograms Pictures Movies Promo
Meendo Program (1) MeendoProgram Review MeendoProgram Pictures Movies Promo
Met Art Program (1) MetArtProgram Review MetArtProgram News MetArtProgram Pictures Movies Promo
Money Cult (2) MoneyCult Review MoneyCult News MoneyCult Pictures Movies Promo
Mtree (5) Mtree Review Mtree News Mtree Pictures Movies Promo
Mystic Cash (9) MysticCash Review MysticCash News MysticCash Pictures Movies Promo
Nasty Czech Cash (10) NastyCzechCash Review NastyCzechCash News NastyCzechCash Pictures Movies Promo
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