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  • Giving Underperforming Posts a Second Chance with Updates [2007-05-11]
    Have you ever written a post that you thought would hit the spot with your readers, generate lots of interest and/or stimulate a great conversation and then find it fell flat on it's face? Many of these unsuccessful posts slide off the front page of a blog never to be seen or thought about again (by your readers or by you) - however, perhaps in time, they deserve a second chance. read more..
  • Top Wordpress Plugins [2007-04-03]
    I've decided to use this article to list all of the best and the most useful Wordpress plugins, broken down by categories, and with a brief description of each. read more..
  • Get Off Your RSS! [2007-03-27]
    Did you ever look at the daily reads list from a well-written Weblog? Some of those lists are insanely long, often containing more sites than most people read in a month! The crazy thing? When you read these Weblogs, you see their authors reacting and debating with many other Weblogs and sites. How do people keep track of it all? How can anyone manage to hold down a job while still checking so many sites so frequently? read more..
  • Increase traffic to your site [2007-03-23]
    The main problem that websites and blogs encounter is that they don’t get enough traffic, especially if they are new. I have tried to put together a list of all the ways that I could think of in order to generate traffic. read more..
  • Blog Link Popularity Is A Priority For Search Engine Rankings and Traffic [2007-03-14]
    So you have set up a blog and now you want to get traffic, right? If you have a blog or website of any kind, traffic is an important factor. Whether you simply want a blog that gets a lot of comments, or if you are blogging to make some extra money, traffic is the key ingredient to success. read more..
  • 9 Steps to Moving Your Blog and Selecting Plugins [2007-03-14]
    I'm not a web developer and this was my first experience with moving or setting up my own hosted blog on its own domain. Why move you might ask? Well, curiosity got the best of me. I wanted to play with widgets, plugins, customized themes, etc. read more.. Advertising Content Delivery Network by SpaceCDN Advertising
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