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  • Star Power [2007-05-22]
    If you've created a Custom Search Engine you've likely encountered the term 'URL patterns': the method for specifying sites and pages to include in a search engine. You can create a Custom Search Engine without ever giving URL patterns much thought, but there's added control that comes with understanding how they work and how best to use them. read more..
  • The Art of Link Cloaking [2007-03-26]
    Link cloaking is the practice of linking to one site, an intermediary if you will, while sending bots, humans, or both to a completely different site. This has several benefits depending on how you setup your redirects. read more..
  • Neuromarketing & Branding in the Search Results [2007-03-14]
    As a search engine user scans through the results, they select the link they believe most likely to answer their query. Our job as marketers is to BRAND our website to searchers in such a way that we can be #5 (or #10) and get more clicks than our competitors. read more..
  • Understanding the 301 redirect [2007-03-14]
    It appears that usage of the 301 redirect is one of the most misunderstood tasks in SEO, mainly because it is something that is more geared to webmasters. There is also still some nervousness because the 301 redirect has a dark past and many do not trust how Google will handle it today. read more..
  • Search Engine Optimization for the Small Business Owner [2007-03-14]
    You\'ve worked hard to design and develop a website that will promote your products and services to the world. You\'ve spent hundreds, maybe thousands, of dollars to get your site online. But where are the visitors? I mean, you\'ve always heard, \"If you build it, they will come.\" read more..
  • White on Black. Advice on Ethical SEO. [2007-03-07]
    This article addresses problems which a webmaster may encounter while trying to get a stable source of SE traffic. We will try to look into the essence of various search algorithms, exploring a search engine from the inside and concluding what exactly you need to do to your site to improve your rankings. read more..
  • Overture - The Free Alternatives: WordTracker, NicheBot Classic, Google AdWords Keyword Tool [2006-10-26]
    With the Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool either overworked or retired (and either way it's inaccessible), the question for keyword researchers is... What will replace Overture? In this article, we will look at several contenders... currently available alternatives to Overture that you can use without logging in or paying anything. Just like it was with the old Overture. There are some fine commercial resources, but today we're talking about free sites only. read more.. Advertising Inxy Host - The best hosting solutions for your business The best target. Never miss with your traffic
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