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 September 04, 2006 Payments
Sponsor: CuriousCash  CuriousCash Review CuriousCash Pictures Movies Promo

No More Check Payments
Due to the large volume of problems we have experienced with our Check Payment system, Check will no longer be accepted as a payment method from the 1st of September. We encourage all affiliates who currently receive their income via Check to change to Epassporte (We allow a minimum payout of $50 on Epassporte) or Wire Payments.
 August 01, 2006 Bonus action
Sponsor: CuriousCash  CuriousCash Review CuriousCash Pictures Movies Promo

This month in particular on the 28th we celebrate our 7th birthday. Lucky 7 is a lucky number for all our affiliates, as we will be paying you an additional 10% Revshare, as recognition of your support.
  • Send 1 to 24 joins in August and get 60% revshare
  • Send 25 to 99 joins in August and get 70% revshare
  • Send 100 or more joins in August and get 80% revshare
 August 01, 2006 General
Sponsor: CuriousCash  CuriousCash Review CuriousCash Pictures Movies Promo

This month is the last month we will be offering checks as a form of payment to affiliates. From next month onwards we will offer E Passport or Free Wire Payments direct into you account.
  • Members Areas Revamps
  • Epassporte Payout's Now Available
  • Password By Phone Now Online
  • Geo Targeting
  • New Text Links
  • Video Clips for Promotion
  • CuriousCinema
  • Chargeback Fees
 July 18, 2006 Bonus action
Sponsor: CuriousCash  CuriousCash Review CuriousCash Pictures Movies Promo

EVERY affiliate has the chance to win bonus payout's in June and July – whether they send 1 join or 5000 joins !! The top sales affiliate, the affiliate who sends the most sales to CuriousCash in June and July will get a $1000 cash bonus !
 May 24, 2006 Bonus action
Sponsor: CuriousCash  CuriousCash Review CuriousCash Pictures Movies Promo

We want to reward you our webmasters for making CuriousCash a continuing success. You now, have a chance to win some Bonus $, whether you send 5 or 5,000 sales during June and July 06.
 May 08, 2006 Bonus action
Sponsor: CuriousCash  CuriousCash Review CuriousCash Pictures Movies Promo

As CuriousCash continues to prosper, (doubling since January this year) we want to share the love around with the people that are making this happen – Y O U !!
In recognition of your continuing loyal support, we have increased almost all our payouts amounts, while reducing most of our qualifying levels.

This is a Win – Win for you the webmaster.

For you to get 60% revshare, with the old payout levels you needed to send 100+ joins per month. Now all you need is just 25.
To receive a 65% with the old levels you had to send 350+ joins per month. Now just 95

With Dynamic Banners and loads of great marketing material. With Fresh Original Hot Boy Models which convert and retain surfers. With greats Stats tracking and reporting via MPA3 and great payouts at realistic levels, the
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Bonus actions

 September 19, 2012
Sponsor: FatPays  FatPays Review FatPays Pictures Movies Promo

Bonus campaign from, $100 per signup
From September 20 to October 15 FatPays will be conducting a bonus campaign!
Make 2 signups of any kind at any of our sites within 24 hours - and get $100 for each following one!
This bonus will be transferred into your account in addition to your usual affiliate income and paid to you during the following payout.
 May 07, 2012
Sponsor: Top Bucks  Top Bucks Review Top Bucks Pictures Movies Promo

PinkVisualGames One Day Bonus Promo Friday
Hey Folks, this Friday, May 11th, we're running a special ONE DAY ONLY bonus of 75% on all sales. has received rave reviews from the tech and adult press and its overall performance is impressive-with player purchases averaging over $50 as a result of replay or in-game upgrades. The game is PC based and runs on Windows OS. If you need specific browser data or custom creative-just hit up your TopBucks rep. Otherwise, grab your link and get promoting to that porn loving gamer crowd.
 October 27, 2011
Sponsor: Reality Cash  Reality Cash Review Reality Cash Pictures Movies Promo

REMINDER! Last Weekend to Earn $100 PPS on ALL RealityGang sites!
We are paying a WHOPPING $100 PER SIGNUP sent to ANY of our 38+ RealityCash sites!
This is the LAST WEEKEND IN OCTOBER to cash in on this promotion!
If you have traffic that loves any of the following niches, RealityCash has a site for you to promote!
Big Tits * Orgies * Lesbians * Massive Dicks * 3-somes * Freaky Sex * Euro Babes * Amateurs * Home Videos * Girlfriend * Huge Asses * Cougars * Teen Hotties * Cheerleaders * Interracial * Latina * Cheating Wives * Pornstars * SO MUCH MORE!!!

*$100 PPS Payouts apply on the following dates: October 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16, 21, 22, 23, 28, 29, and 30, 2011.
 September 15, 2011
Sponsor: SSL Cash  SSL Cash Review SSL Cash Pictures Movies Promo
Paysite:  Stocking Live  SSL Cash Review Stocking Live Pictures Movies Promo

We are proudly announcing our new nylon focused website, StockingLive. On this site surfers find 100 percent exclusive high quality foot and leg fetish content.
Beautiful models doing naughty nylon focused sex in unique stockings and pantyhose. Members satisfaction is guaranteed as the quality is outstanding and they get many bonus features with the sex updates.
We offer you 80 percent affiliate payouts for the first month! From today for a whole month our partners get 80 percent rev share for the member life time! Offer stands for the period 15 September-25 October 2011.
This offer is not only affecting the newly opened website but all the paysites on
 August 15, 2011
Sponsor: Manica Money  Manica Money Review Manica Money Pictures Movies Promo

$50 Bonus Payout!
Signup now and earn an additional $50,-
 August 10, 2011
Sponsor: Haze Cash  Haze Cash Review Haze Cash Pictures Movies Promo
Paysite:  Rub Him  Haze Cash Review Rub Him Pictures Movies Promo

Bonus Day this Friday, August 12th to Rubhim
Hazecash is having a bonus day of $100 PPS to sales to Rubhim!! Make sure to get your links in and push this great converting site even harder! The first 10 sales you make on this Friday, August 12th you'll be eligible to claim the $100 PPS bonus. Please email in your affiliate ID and your sales count by August 17th. Hit up support if you have any questions!
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