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Sponsor name Descriptions FHG pics FHG movies FHS pics FHS movies
 12 Clicks Cash 12 Clicks Cash Review 12 Clicks Cash News 511
 21sextury Cash 21sextury Cash Review 21sextury Cash News 22791 8044 99 86
 247 Media Group 247 Media Group Review 247 Media Group News 115 1629
 3d Certified Affiliates 3d Certified Affiliates Review 3d Certified Affiliates News
 3D X Bucks 3D X Bucks Review 3D X Bucks News
 Actual Cash Actual Cash Review Actual Cash News 136 380 690
 Adult Art Network Adult Art Network Review Adult Art Network News 95 559 137
 Adult Empire Adult Empire Review Adult Empire News 295 148
 Adult Master Cash Adult Master Cash Review Adult Master Cash News 1074 1781 175 1170 85
 Adult Webmaster Empire Adult Webmaster Empire Review Adult Webmaster Empire News 1176
 Adult4D Program Adult4D Program Review
 Advanced Bucks Advanced Bucks Review Advanced Bucks News 46 132 175
 AG Cash AG Cash Review AG Cash News 303
 Alp Cash Alp Cash Review Alp Cash News
 Ama Kings Ama Kings Review Ama Kings News 451 352
 Anilos Cash Anilos Cash Review Anilos Cash News 1192 1259 405 78
 Another Partnership Another Partnership Review Another Partnership News 80 37
 Apollo Cash Apollo Cash Review
 Asian Money Machine Asian Money Machine Review Asian Money Machine News 10
 AV Revenue AV Revenue Review AV Revenue News 777 916 31
 Bad Boys Cash Bad Boys Cash Review Bad Boys Cash News 512 2247
 BaDoink Cash BaDoink Cash Review BaDoink Cash News 76 468
 Bangbros Online Bangbros Online Review Bangbros Online News 6554 7152
 bCash 4 You bCash 4 You Review bCash 4 You News
 Big ZZZ Big ZZZ Review Big ZZZ News 46 138 37
 Bird Bucks Bird Bucks Review Bird Bucks News 299 24
 Black Scapolite Black Scapolite Review Black Scapolite News 752
 BlockBooster Cash BlockBooster Cash Review BlockBooster Cash News 1177 1090
 Blue Loot Blue Loot Review Blue Loot News 1338 3
 Bom Bucks Bom Bucks Review 449 232
 Bondage Bank Bondage Bank Review Bondage Bank News 162 70
 Bonobo Cash Bonobo Cash Review Bonobo Cash News 216 75
 Boob Lord Boob Lord Review Boob Lord News 47
 Brain Cash Brain Cash Review Brain Cash News 971 8883
 Brothers In Cash Brothers In Cash Review Brothers In Cash News 1548 1369
 Brutal Bucks Brutal Bucks Review Brutal Bucks News 215 200 94
 Bucks Matrix Bucks Matrix Review Bucks Matrix News 870 582
 Butterfly Bucks Butterfly Bucks Review Butterfly Bucks News 23 197 14
 Cartoon Valley Cash Cartoon Valley Cash Review Cartoon Valley Cash News 22 295
 Cash Core Cash Core Review Cash Core News 413 823
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Sponsor name Descriptions FHG pics FHG movies FHS pics FHS movies
 Cash Forge Cash Forge Review Cash Forge News 22
 CastorCash CastorCash Review 34 1
 Catchy Cash Catchy Cash Review Catchy Cash News 1064 2643
 Cathy Cash Cathy Cash Review Cathy Cash News 216 409
 Classy Bucks Classy Bucks Review Classy Bucks News 17 5
 Crazy XXX Cash Crazy XXX Cash Review Crazy XXX Cash News 73
 CuriousCash CuriousCash Review CuriousCash News 232 5
 DDF Cash DDF Cash Review DDF Cash News 2677 2511
 Deluxe Coin Deluxe Coin Review Deluxe Coin News 478 2929
 DesiPapa Program DesiPapa Program Review DesiPapa Program News
 Diesel Action Diesel Action Review Diesel Action News 1682 1271
 DogFart DogFart Review DogFart News 7767 4195
 DoggyBoys Cash DoggyBoys Cash Review DoggyBoys Cash News 300 188
 Drawn Cash Drawn Cash Review Drawn Cash News 138 1151 100
 Dream Cash Dream Cash Review 1255 312
 Dutch Teen Cash Dutch Teen Cash Review Dutch Teen Cash News 232 9
 Elite Profit Elite Profit Review Elite Profit News 141
 Engine Cash Engine Cash Review Engine Cash News 100 334 275
 Everest Cash Everest Cash Review Everest Cash News 1522 125
 Fair Bucks Fair Bucks Review Fair Bucks News 64 27
 FatPays FatPays Review FatPays News 43 4488 3691
 Ferro Cash Ferro Cash Review Ferro Cash News 3404 2370 8
 Fetish Affiliates Fetish Affiliates Review Fetish Affiliates News 256 2249 225
 Fetish By Anna Program Fetish By Anna Program Review Fetish By Anna Program News 95 10
 Fetish Dollars Fetish Dollars Review Fetish Dollars News 55 843 572
 Fetish Hits Fetish Hits Review Fetish Hits News 5767 6590 523
 Fetish Wealth Fetish Wealth Review Fetish Wealth News 3816 2895 274
 FTV Cash FTV Cash Review FTV Cash News 1054 1206
 Fucking Cash Fucking Cash Review Fucking Cash News 1716 1297
 Fury Cash Fury Cash Review 237
 Get Right Cash Get Right Cash Review Get Right Cash News 170 1526 1036
 Ghost Cash Ghost Cash Review Ghost Cash News 26 486 31
 Glam Revenue Glam Revenue Review Glam Revenue News 457 34
 Gunz Blazing Gunz Blazing Review Gunz Blazing News 689 2712
 Haze Cash Haze Cash Review Haze Cash News 280 491
 Hentai Biz Hentai Biz Review Hentai Biz News 580 87
 High Def Riches High Def Riches Review 199 1439 1437
 Huge Traffic Huge Traffic Review Huge Traffic News 192 99
 Hunters Cash Hunters Cash Review Hunters Cash News 130 310 310
 Idol Bucks Idol Bucks Review Idol Bucks News 693 8792 20 Advertising Any traffic Ever lasting profit
Sponsor name Descriptions FHG pics FHG movies FHS pics FHS movies
 JuggCash JuggCash Review JuggCash News 14211 38917 20
 Just Nude Program Just Nude Program Review Just Nude Program News 200
 Kennys Pennies Kennys Pennies Review Kennys Pennies News 765 824 401 141
 Kinky Dollars Kinky Dollars Review Kinky Dollars News 1930 1562
 La Playa Cash La Playa Cash Review La Playa Cash News
 LauraLovesKatrina AP LauraLovesKatrina AP Review 590 119 128
 Light Speed Cash Light Speed Cash Review Light Speed Cash News 1823 47
 Loaded Cash Loaded Cash Review Loaded Cash News
 Long Bucks Long Bucks Review Long Bucks News 23 2629 1616
 Mac Dollars Mac Dollars Review Mac Dollars News 398 56
 Manica Money Manica Money Review Manica Money News 85
 MC Nudes Programs MC Nudes Programs Review MC Nudes Programs News 398 191
 Meendo Program Meendo Program Review 240
 Met Art Program Met Art Program Review Met Art Program News 9 1965
 Money Cult Money Cult Review Money Cult News 342 44
 Mtree Mtree Review Mtree News 6
 Mystic Cash Mystic Cash Review Mystic Cash News 332 384 2037
 Nasty Czech Cash Nasty Czech Cash Review Nasty Czech Cash News 878 517 17 17
 Naughty For Cash Naughty For Cash Review Naughty For Cash News 160
 NBB Cash NBB Cash Review 99 73 30
 New Nude Cash New Nude Cash Review New Nude Cash News 5111 165 18
 Nice Ratios Nice Ratios Review Nice Ratios News 1305 296
 NS Cash NS Cash Review NS Cash News 4391 1718 131 18
 Nubiles Nubiles Review Nubiles News 10178 3005 771
 Nudistic Cash Nudistic Cash Review
 Orgy Cash Orgy Cash Review Orgy Cash News 149 136
 OT Cash OT Cash Review OT Cash News 1895 153
 Pancho Dog Pancho Dog Review Pancho Dog News 1332 86
 Paper Street Cash Paper Street Cash Review Paper Street Cash News 855 837
 Pay Serve Pay Serve Review Pay Serve News 5658 7535
 Phil Flash Cash Phil Flash Cash Review Phil Flash Cash News 789 37
 Private Cash Private Cash Review Private Cash News 1152 747
 Program 3 Program 3 Review Program 3 News 101 352
 Public Banging Cash Public Banging Cash Review Public Banging Cash News 40 40
 Puffy Cash Puffy Cash Review Puffy Cash News 292 336
 Raider Cash Raider Cash Review Raider Cash News 1281 56 108
 Real Bucks Real Bucks Review Real Bucks News 69 2012 2352
 Reality Cash Reality Cash Review Reality Cash News 1645 2422
 Revenge Bucks Revenge Bucks Review Revenge Bucks News 471 369
 Revenue Cash Revenue Cash Review Revenue Cash News 9 Advertising Your Ad Here PPL + 50% Revshare
Sponsor name Descriptions FHG pics FHG movies FHS pics FHS movies
 Revshare Cash Revshare Cash Review
 RevShare It RevShare It Review RevShare It News 15
 Rise Cash Rise Cash Review Rise Cash News
 Royal Cash Royal Cash Review Royal Cash News 102 1529 5644 49 273
 Rub My Boob Program Rub My Boob Program Review
 Sapphic Cash Sapphic Cash Review Sapphic Cash News 5926 5500
 Serious Cash Serious Cash Review Serious Cash News 855 6002
 Serious Coin Serious Coin Review Serious Coin News 379 3001 2800 15
 Serious Partners Serious Partners Review Serious Partners News 405 1855 4893 31
 Sex Revenue Sex Revenue Review Sex Revenue News
 Sex Tronix Sex Tronix Review Sex Tronix News 1870 1608
 Shocking Cash Shocking Cash Review Shocking Cash News 343 638 149 12
 Silver Cash Silver Cash Review Silver Cash News 4778 3248
 Solar Cash Solar Cash Review Solar Cash News 228
 Spartan Dollars Spartan Dollars Review Spartan Dollars News 190 194 28
 Spunky Cash Spunky Cash Review Spunky Cash News 2199 203 614
 SSL Cash SSL Cash Review SSL Cash News 384 93
 Stand Ahead Stand Ahead Review Stand Ahead News 108 187
 Sultan Cash Sultan Cash Review Sultan Cash News 584 584
 Swank Dollars Swank Dollars Review Swank Dollars News 907 1528
 Teen Mega Cash Teen Mega Cash Review Teen Mega Cash News
 The Adult Group The Adult Group Review The Adult Group News 416 243 40
 Thrill Bucks Thrill Bucks Review Thrill Bucks News 96 29
 Tony Bucks Tony Bucks Review Tony Bucks News 3508 15870
 Top Bucks Top Bucks Review Top Bucks News 8254 2737
 Top Bucks Mobile Top Bucks Mobile Review Top Bucks Mobile News 1075
 Totem Cash Totem Cash Review Totem Cash News 772 384
 Unreal Bank Unreal Bank Review Unreal Bank News 59 588 421
 Vip Pay Vip Pay Review Vip Pay News 69 486 182
 Virginz Net Program Virginz Net Program Review Virginz Net Program News 767 137
 Web Wide Cash Web Wide Cash Review Web Wide Cash News 104 573
 Wn Cash Wn Cash Review Wn Cash News 110 424
 XXX Cum Cash XXX Cum Cash Review
 Zeta Cash Zeta Cash Review Zeta Cash News 2321 127
 ZiZiCash ZiZiCash Review ZiZiCash News 405 103
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